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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Book of Mormon Class / Alma 54-55

Taught by Sue G.

It's so comfy cozy meeting at Sue's house to chat and study the Book of Mormon!
If you haven't been yet, come and join us.
It's awesome!!

Alma 54-55

These two chapters begin a word for word account of an epistle sent from Moroni to Ammoron negotiating for an exchange of prisoners and demanding that the Lamanites withdraw and cease their attacks.  In answer, Ammoron demands that the Nephites lay down their weapons and become subject to the Lamanites.  Moroni refuses these terms.  He entices the Lamanite guards to become drunk and the Nephite prisoners are freed.  The city of Gid is captured without any bloodshed.  Alma 55:19

We can learn by the stupidity of the Lamanites.

President James E. Faust warned. "Over my lifetime, I have seen some of the most choice, capable, and righteous of men stumble and fall.  They have been true and faithful for many years and then get caught in a web of stupidity and foolishness which has brought great shame to themselves and betrayed the trust of their innocent families, leaving their loved ones a legacy of sorrow and hurt.  My dear brethren, all of us, young and old, must constantly guard against the enticements of Satan... We must choose wisely the books and magazines we read, the movies we see, and how ewe use modern technology, such as the Internet." 

One moment of weakness can lead to our demise. 

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  1. Hi ladies, I stumbled across your blog today while studying for my podcast today. I am hereby awarding you my special award, "OF GOOD REPORT" for your valiant efforts in studying The Book of Mormon. You are inspiring! Thank you.

    To listen to what I said about you, have a go...