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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Relief Society Christmas Social 2012

Last Month we had an early Christmas Social.

Once again we pulled out our best 
"White Elephants"!

We had so much fun for Christmas 2010
we decided to do it again!

The excited gift givers and receivers start to show up 
bringing yummy Christmas favorites.
The first things to show up were:
Taco bites
Chips and dip
Crackers and cheese balls
Bacon wrapped chestnuts
Dipped Oreos

Carmel popcorn snack
White chocolate popcorn
Peppermint bark
White chocolate pineapple cake

We mixed and mingled and munched!

Can you see that GIANT package in the middle of all these 
White Elephants.....
What in the world!!

Becky's number is up and she goes for it!

Hahahaha! Just what every women wants! A giant Monkey!

For the love of a Monkey!
Becky happily shares some stuffin huggin.

Carrie's is obviously a good one by the look on Terry's face!

Hahaha, it says,
"The Bigger The Handbag....
the smaller your butt looks"

Guess we will all be getting big handbags from now on!

Becky's turn and she steals the Monkey!

Ahhhh a tingler!

You just never know what you will get.
How about a Resue Heros Video!

Sue gets some soap that washes away your sins.

Carolyn gets a bunny....and another bunny....and another bunny....and another.....
I think they were reproducing in the bag!

Kim loves her new tee!

Taylor get a homemade box of tid bits of whatever was left over from memory lane. 
Including a melted (or slightly sucked on) gummy bear.

Oh ya Tiffany! Just what you asked Santa for!! Haha

Tenneal Spjut gets the fattest mermaid we've ever seen.

Heidi gets a rockin colorful bra. 

Then it's stollen by Melanie!

Perfect fit don't you think.

Not sure what this little gem is but we know that 
Katie will hold it dear to her heart!

Sue's soap gets stollen so she picks another and gets a home made crocheted blanket and pillow. 
Perfect for her grandkids!

Oh!!! Just what Gabby always wanted! 
A School of fish for her Garden!

Sydney Steels the Monkey for her Grandson
"The Monkey Man" His birthday is December 20th. He loves monkeys and he collects stuffed animals.
Totally perfect!!!

Sharon gets a bag of mismatched odds and ends silverware.
We all laugh, then she say's, "The Scouts will LOVE this"!  Haha

Kathleen gets something we all want!
Spanx body shaper

Chocolate lover's relate.....
Chocolate cures everything!

To many funny gifts to name!
We had a great time once again with about 35 sisters together this night.

I wonder what might show up next year!

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