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Friday, August 17, 2012

Book of Mormon Class ~ Alma 25

Taught by Sue G.

The Lamanites destroy the city of Ammonihah.. The Amulonites who escape kill many Lamanite converts by fire after these battles. Many Lamanites become righteous and join the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, keep the Law of Moses, and look forward in faith to the coming of the Savior. The sons of Mosiah rejoice in the success of their missionary labors.

Many of the things that happen to the people in this chapter are not a matter of mere consequence as the adversary would have us believe, but are in direct fulfillment of prophecy. Alma 8:16, Mosiah 13:10.
In this complex series of events we see fulfillment of the words of Alma, who said that "The word of God must be fulfilled".  Alma 5:58

What consequences will we face for our obedience or disobedience to the Lord's commands?

     There is a story in the July 2012 Ensign by Julie Thompson entitled "Unspotted From The World".
She talks about going to the Temple to do a cleaning assignment. When she got there, there was an impressive turnout of volunteers. Her thought was a hope that she might be sent home and not have to help. She thought of a time she had volunteered to clean before and was given was she considered a menial job, one that she felt was given just to give her something to keep busy. She started becoming cynical. Why would they keep them there to clean something that didn't appear dirty!
     Her group was taken in for a devotional before receiving their assignments. The custodian conducting said something that forever changed the way she looked at temple cleaning assignments. He explained that they were not there to clean things that didn't need cleaning but to keep the Lord's house form ever becoming dirty. We as stewards of one of the most sacred places on earth, had a responsibility to keep it spotless.
     His message penetrated her heart, and she proceeded to her assignment with a different feeling. She took extra care as she dusted the baseboards and legs of furniture with a soft paintbrush. She carefully cleaned every crevice. Because this job was not taxing, she pondered and realized that she never paid attention to such minute details in her own home but cleaned those areas that others would see first, neglecting more hidden areas.
     She then realized that there were ties when she lived the gospel in a similar fashion - living those principles and fulfilling those assignments that were most obvious to those around, while ignoring things that were not known by everyone. 

     That night in the temple, she studied the paintbrush in her hand and asked herself, "What are the little crevices in my life that need more attention?" She resolved that rather than plan to repeatedly clean the areas of her life that needed attention, she would try harder never to let them become dirty.

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