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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book of Mormon Class

Alma Chapter 17
Taught by Sue G.

Imagine Alma's surprise and joy one day after all these years as he ran into the sons of Mosiah, returning from their missions among the Lamanities in the Land of Nephi. They had a large company of Lamanite converts with them who were seeking refuge among the Nephites in the Land of Zarahemla. We will learn more about the account of their mission from chapters 17-20, they contain many favorites. Mormon points out that it is not enough to simply read the scriptures, rather, there are things that are required to teach the gospel with power and authority. Alma 17:3-4

In Alma 17:5-10 he describes how to be great missionaries, how to teach with authority and how to be filled with understanding.

  • Search the scriptures diligently.
  • Do a lot of praying and fasting.
  • Be patient while suffering physical, mental and emotional trials of afflictions.
  • Work hard, especially spiritually.
An important message is given next for all to accept the calling to serve the Lord. Alma 17:11

President Kimball said, "I suggest that in our family night gatherings we make a project to memorize a scripture citation a week. At the conclusion of a year, our children will have a friend of the scriptures which will remain with them through out their lives."

My prayer of love and concern is with you.
Love, Sister Sue G.

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